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Author : Yue SUN

Celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, Mid-Autumn Festival is the second most important traditional festival in Chinese culture. It is sometimes referred to as Moon Festival, as it always falls on the night of a full moon. The day celebrates three main concepts closely tied to one another: gathering, giving thanks and praying. It is an occasion for outdoor reunions amongst relatives and friends.


On 30th September, the CEDP (Chinese Educational Development Project) Chinese Centre held activities to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. It marked a great opportunity to experience Chinese culture, to be integrated into the local community and to make new local friends. Especially for Chinese students who study in the UK, they could be together, just like a big family and feel less homesick as well.


The event boasted the mayor of Brighton, Hove and Portslade councillor Mo Marsh, the Chairman of CEDP Chinese Centre Dr Hong Lu (OBE), Deputy Chairman Alex Wu, the president of Sussex University CSSA (Chinese Students and Scholars) Miss Michelle Yang, the president of Brighton University CSSA Miss Yiwen Zhan and over two hundred guests in attendance.

2017 Mid Aut 1

On that day, the CEDP staff has designed many games for children and prepared a series of activities performance.


First of all, all the honoured guests enjoyed a delicious Chinese lunch at 12.30pm supported by Bamboo House.

2017 Mid Aut

Subsequently, the mayor of Brighton, Hove and Portslade councillor Mo Marsh gave the welcome speech.

2017 mayor

After that, Tab Betts from the Sussex University staff team gave a short presentation about the Moon festival in both Chinese and English.

2017 Alex

More activities arranged by the CEDP arts group: tea ceremony, poems by Chinese learner Ze, children’s performances, Chinese classical dance, and singing.

2017 tea

2017 host

Everyone especially enjoyed the moon cake workshops supported by Queen Cakes.

2017 Mid Aut 3

Karaoke, one of the most popular activities for the Chinese, was also well received by guests.

2017 Mid Aut 2

As the next day marked the birthday of the CEDP art director, Qin CHEN, participants joyously sung happy birthday to her around a big birthday cake and made best wishes to her.

2017 Mid Aut 4

With the full moon above you and the laughter of happy families pervading the night air, the atmosphere during Mid-Autumn Festival is truly magical.


If you are willing to participate even more interesting and brilliant activities, please join us for the 2018 CEDP Chinese Spring Festival on 10th February.


The event was fully supported by LSE Confucius Institute for Business London as part of the Confucius Day programme, local universities and business:  Bamboo House, Yun Feng, seven stars Chinese supper market, Queen Cakes and Ju XiangYuan. It is a great platform for cultural diversity.