On Friday, 17 May 2019,  Dr. Ren Ling, a trustee of the CEDP Chinese centre started the first Chinese Well-being session in the BMECP Centre. During the session Dr. Ren demonstrated the Chinese medicine way of massage and related techniques for reducing head, neck and shoulder pain for the increasing number of people suffering from them in the modern world. 

With the interactive activities and individual trials, everyone had good experience on Chinese well-being and learned methods to protect their neck, head and shoulder better. The session was very well received by not only members from black and minority communities, but also a handful of directors and CEOs from local communities who were present. 

Further communication and networking activities were available during Chinese tea testing and workshop on making Shandong style of dumplings, where participants shared cultural and tourist information, business and scholarships opportunities from Confucius’ hometown. 

Everyone in the centre enjoyed the various activities during the session and expressed interests on having monthly sessions similar to this. 

Due to the high demands, the CEDP Chinese centre is working hard to bring resources together to run the successful programme as a monthly workshop.