CEDP Chinese Centre has provide advises on education, information helpline, running Chinese programmes for young Children up to GCSE, Alevel and adult levels, running culture events, Chinese days in school and culture awareness training, Children’s clubs etc.

CEDP Chinese Centre has run Chinese days for over 100 schools in the UK. The Chinese days provide a very good opportunity for British students and staff to understand China.

CEDP Chinese Centre has worked closely with Brighton and Hove Black and Minority Ethnic Partnership, Brighton and Hove Citizen Advice Bureau, Brighton & Hove Chinese Society, Immigration Legal Services, and other related services in the South East of England.

CDEP Chinese Centre provides an educational hotline and youth support services. The support helps with information on school applications for nursery, primary school, secondary school, further and higher education in China and in the UK. CEDP also provides training opportunities for students, volunteers and people in needs though free 1-2-1 meeting, seminars and workshops.

CEDP has organized some community activities such as the Chinese play group (the Panda Club) for mums and small children to socialize with others, the Women Club for all ages women to exchange thought and information to improve their and their family’s life, the Senior Club to develop the habit of take exercise and spread the knowledge about healthy, the Chinese Day provide Chinese language, arts and cultural workshops for schools as required.

The Chinese New Year Celebrations is an annual event attended by over 2,000 people from Brighton & Hove and surrounding areas, including the mayor of Brighton and Hove, MPs and Lords from the UK government, local councilors, other voluntary organisations, schools and colleges, and other arts and health groups from the city. It has already become one of the highlights major festival events in the city.

CEDP中国文化中心在教育, 法律, 培训, 就业等很多方面为萨塞克斯地区的中国人提供信息, 并帮助其在教育, 法律, 移民, 福利信息, 商业机会和翻译等提供相应的信息和帮助.


CEDP中国文化中心与布莱顿霍夫的黑人及少数民族合作社(BMECP), 布莱顿霍夫公民咨询局, 布莱顿霍夫华人会, 移民法律服务中心, 以及其他英格兰东南部我们有过相关服务的机构组织有着密切合作.