CEDP Chinese Centre aims at establishing Brighton & Hove as a regional centre for Chinese Education, Arts, Culture and Business in the surrounding areas. Our vision is that this regional centre will be able to provide a wider range of quality service and consultation to the Chinese community as well as wider social communities. This will include Chinese educational, arts and cultural support for nurseries, schools and colleges and other business sectors. Moreover, it will be able to create more jobs for the local economy, more voluntary opportunities, and create valuable learning opportunities for children and young people.

我们为使布莱顿霍夫成为周边地区的中国教育,艺术,文化与商业中心这一目标而努力。我们的愿景是,CEDP 中国文化中心将能够提供给在英华人,以及更广泛的社会群体更多更好的服务和咨询,即在中国教育,艺术和幼儿园,学校,学院和其他商业领域的支持。此外能提供志愿者服务及就业机会,并为儿童和青年人提供学习机会。