About CEDP Chinese Centre
Founded in 2000, led by Dr Hong Lu and a group of Chinese academics as volunteers, the Chinese Educational Development Project – CEDP, was awarded a charitable status in March 2007, and changed its name to CEDP Chinese Centre in February 2008 to reflect its wider range of services. Its main aim is to support the Chinese community of Brighton & Hove and in the UK to overcome the cultural barriers and to provide a platform for British to understand China. We encourage people to integrate with local communities, to participate in education, training, employment and voluntary opportunities.


在2000年, 卢红博士和一组学者作为自愿者创建了CEDP-中国教育发展项目, 并于2007年3月取得了慈善组织的身份. 为了体现更广泛的服务范围, 于2008年2月更名为CEDP中国文化中心. CEDP主要致力于帮助布莱顿霍夫地区和英国其他地区的华人克服文化障碍, 鼓励华人参与到当地社会, 在教育, 培训, 就业, 志愿活动方面进行实践,同时也为英国社会提供了解中国的平台。