We would like to thank the following contributors and donators for CEDP Chinese centre for charity purpose on culture, arts and education projects in 2019:

1.Ms. Qian Zhen (CEDP trustee) and Michelle (CEDP volunteer) for Chinese new year projects £1000

2.Dr. Aijuan Wang (CEDP trustee for Chinese new year 2019 projects) £500

3.Mr. Zigan Zhen and Mr. Patrick Rome (CEDP volunteers for Chinese days in schools and festival projects ) £3000

4. Ms. Phoebe Hainess (CEDP volunteer for Chinese days in school projects) £571

5. Mr. Peng He (CEDP sponsor for Chinese school projects) £1000

6. Ms. Qin Liang (CEDP sponsor for Chinese school projects) £190

7. Miss Liyu Zhang (CEDP volunteer and sponsor for Chinese Days in schools projects) £3000

8. Dr. Hong Lu, OBE CEDP Chairman for the Bridge of Magpie project: £10000

9. Ms. Bojian Xu, Ms. Yue Xin(CEDP volunteers for Moon festival project ) £300

10. HUANG Huiping (CEDP volunteer and donator for Chinese school project) £110

Projects run by CEDP Chinese Centre 

1. Chinese days in schools

2. Chinese festivals (Dragon boat festival, Moon festival and Chinese New Year) 

3. Chinese school includes the following: 
  1)Chinese Dancing Group; 
  2)Chinese Taichi Group ; 
  3)Chinese  Singing Group;
  4)Chinese Calligraphy Group; 
  5)Chinese Poem Group; 
  6)Chinese Qipao and Yaogu Group;
  7)Chinese Lion and dragon groups.