The best opportunity to experience Chinese culture

To be integrated into local communities and to make new local friends

联系老朋友,认识新朋友,相聚CEDP 端午节


Time     时间Saturday 16 June 2018 from 12:30 to 3pm 

  2018年 6月16日,下午12:30 – 3:00


Venue  地点:   CEDP Chinese Centre  中国文化中心

                       10A Fleet Street    Brighton BN1 4ZE


Cost 费用 £5/per head contribution towards venue rent and festival food/drink is welcome!




Key activities 活动内容


1) 12:30pm Festival Chinese food provided 开始提供食品

2) 13:00      Welcome 致欢迎词

3) 13:15      Zongzi workshop and a taste of zongzi  包粽子工坊

4) 13:45      Taichi, Chinese instruments and children’s performances 节目表演

5) 14:00      Raffle   &  Chinese Tea ceremony & networking 奖券销售

6) 15:00      Choir rehearsal and a lot more activities 合唱排练


No need to book! All welcome

Contact 联系人: Nicole Qin

Email:     Tel: 07766 522225


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