Brighton, East Sussex: The CEDP Chinese cultural centre welcomes you to celebrate the Spring Festival at the Clarendon Centre on the 2nd February. This will include traditional Chinese songs and dances, martial arts performances, authentic Chinese cuisine and much more.
The celebration will take place at the Clarendon Centre 47 New England Street, Brighton BN1 9GQ on Saturday the 2nd February at 11:00 to 16:00.
At the event, you will need to purchase a ticket to watch the performances but the food stalls and stands in the foyer is free of charge. You will get the chance to watch a bevy of Chinese traditional arts. You can see complex, ancient routines performed by graceful dancers, vigorous moves from martial arts masters and beautiful Chinese traditional songs performed by accomplished singers. Throughout the event, you will be able to sample delicious Chinese dishes, from the traditional fried jiaozi (dumplings) to stir fried beef. Many local businesses, council services and institutions will be present in the foyer, so why not come and say hello?


This year the CEDP is excited to announce its’ first ever China Business Forum, led by the city council CEO where renowned experts debate the challenges and opportunities of doing business in China, making it a must for anyone who is interested in doing business in an increasingly significant part of the global economy. Our speakers include CEO level executives who have experience in doing business in both China and the UK. Places are limited for China Business Forum (11am to 12 noon) and it is an invitation only event. It is said that China will likely become the biggest economy in the world so why not get ahead of the curve? In a series of talks given by our experts, you can get in before it’s popular.


All this can be available to you if you attend the biggest Spring Festival celebration in Sussex. By attending the event, you can experience Chinese culture and cuisine in one convenient location with Brighton and East Sussex’s burgeoning Chinese community, only a ten minutes’ walk from Brighton railway station and London Road. You can then receive the authentic Chinese experience without having to leave Brighton.


This year the CEDP Centre is working hard to bring a spectacular cultural show as well as a fundraising event. All funds raised will be used to provide 10 Chinese Days for disadvantaged school students, to run 30-week Chinese Saturday school activities, 3 Chinese culture events and 2 FREE local teacher training programmes in 2019 and 2 Chinese Business Panel Discussion in Feb and in Oct. 2019. This will help the community build bridges with another on the other side of the world and overcome the differences between them.


About CEDP: We are a registered charity dedicated to the promotion of Chinese culture in the United Kingdom as well as offering a variety of services to this. We offer classes in Chinese language and culture as well as hosting a number of cultural activities and services to Chinese residents in the United Kingdom. In addition, we also host Chinese days in schools around Sussex with performances such as the lion dance as well as musical performances.

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