Shapes of Memory

This work is about the ritual of visiting the sea. The artist has chosen Brighton seafront to carry out her research. She said “I often walk alongside the sea, it’s at those times that I think about myself and my life. The sound and rhythm of the sea made me feel calmness. I enjoyed the seafront view and it influenced my mood and emotions in some way.” The work is both reflection and connection between the artist self and Brighton sea. The shapes and colours of the artwork are directly developed and inspired through the artist feeling and the memory of the seafront. Using the intensity of colour and the simplicity of form to bring a sense of ritual to dinning.


此系列作品是关于大海,与其每日的变化。布莱顿海岸是其作者的主要创作灵感。她说“ 我有时间就会去海边散步,那是我可以放空和思考自己的时间。在海边所听到和感受到的会影响我内心的感受,同时也会平静我的心情” 此作品是作者与布莱顿之间的联系与反思。所有其颜色和形状的灵感都直接来源于布莱顿海岸每日的变化。同时,通过上乘的釉质带给人们餐桌上的仪式感。


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