Applying for a China Visa

CEDP Chinese Centre provides China Visa service to local people. If you would like to apply for a China visa, please contact us.

Prepare Documents
1. Passport
2. Visa Application Form and Photo
3. Declaration Form
4. Proof of legal status (applicable for those not applying for the visa in their country of citizenship)
5. Photocopy of previous Chinese visas (applicable for those who have obtained Chinese visas before).
6. Photocopy of previous Chinese passports or previous Chinese visas (applicable for those who were Chinese citizens and have obtained foreign citizenship).
7. Supporting documents: Documents showing the itinerary including air ticket booking record (round trip) and proof of a hotel reservation, etc. or an Invitation Letter for Tourist issued by a relevant unit or individual in China together with photocopy of both front and back sides of Chinese ID (for Chinese citizens) or foreign passport and residence permit (for foreign citizens) provided by the inviter.

Procedure of Application
1. Complete the Visa Application Form. You can complete the form online and print it out, or download first, then fill it by hand.
2. Make online appointment.
3. Submit application in visa application centre.
4. Pick up your passport on the collection day and pay the fees.
5. If you apply for the mail back service, you need to fill the Payment Authorization Form (which can be downloaded from Centre’s web). Pay your visa and service fee afterward and leave your mail address.

Official website:

Useful links:
Online application form

Paper application form

Declaration form

Make appointment


CEDP 中国文化中心为当地居民提供中国签证服务。如果您需要申请中国签证,请与我们联系。

1. 护照
2. 签证申请表及护照相片
3. 声明表
4. 身份证明 (适用于不在本国签证的公民)
5. 之前的中国签证复印件(适用于之前已获得中国签证的申请人)。
6. 之前的中国护照或中国签证复印件(适用于已取得外国国籍的中国人)
7. 补充文件: 机票(往返)和酒店预订证明,或相关机构或个人出具的邀请函,并附上邀请人身份证正反面的复印件(中国公民)或外国护照,居留证(外籍公民)。

1.  完成表格填写。您可以在线填写表格然后打印出来,也可以将表格下载后填写。
2.  预约签证申请
3.  到达签证中心递交申请材料
4. 领取护照及付费
5.  如果申请护照邮寄服务,您需要提供邮寄地址,并填写付款授权书,以便获取签证后支付的签证服务费。