Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a New Year speech


OnNew Year’s Eve, Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a New Year speech viaChina Radio International, China National Radio and China Central Television.The full text is as follows:

Timeflies, Year 2014 is coming to an end and 2015 is approaching. At this turn ofthe year, I now extend my best wishes to people of all ethnic groups in China,to our compatriots from Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Regions, tocompatriots in Taiwan and overseas Chinese, as well as to friends in othercountries and regions in the world.

2014is unforgettable. In the past year, we pushed forward reforms with strongcommitment, conquered many hardships and introduced a series of importantreform measures, many of which are closely associated with the interests of thegeneral public. We worked to adapt to the new normal of economic growth andactively pushed forward economic and social development, resulting in furtherimprovement in people’s lives.

OnDecember 12, the first phase of the central route of Water Diversion Projectfrom South to North was officially completed. More than 400,000 residents alongthe route were relocated. We pay our sincere tributes to them for theirsacrifice, and wish them a happy life in their new homes.

Inthe past year, we endeavored to improve our work style and strengthen party andgovernment discipline, with efforts focusing on fighting against formalism,bureaucracy, hedonism and extravagance. The situation has greatly improved. Westepped up our efforts in our crackdown on corruption, and severely punishedcorrupt officials with zero tolerance. This demonstrates that we are stronglycommitted to fighting against corruption and other evil forces.

Inthe past year, we enhanced our cooperation and exchanges with countries in theworld. We hosted the informal leadership meeting of the Asia-Pacific EconomicCooperation Organization in Beijing. Chinese leaders visited many countries andreceived many foreign leaders. Such exchanges of visits have helped the rest ofthe world understand China better.

Officialsat various levels have also spared no efforts performing their duty. Of course,those achievements would not have been possible without the support of thepeople. I would like to salute our great people.

Inthe past year, through legislation we established the Commemorative Day to markthe victory of Chinese People’s War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression,the Commemorative Day of Martyrs, and the National Memorial Day to commemoratevictims in the Nanjing Massacre. Solemn ceremonies were held on these days.Despite the change of times, we would always remember the sacrifice andcontribution of those who gave their lives for the Chinese nation and forpeace.

Inthe past year, we also recorded sad moments. We remember the more than 150Chinese compatriots still missing after the loss of the Malaysian Airlineflight MH370. We will continue our efforts to locate their whereabouts.

Inthe past year, China suffered from a number of natural disasters and tragicwork safety accidents, in which some compatriots lost their lives. The Ludianearthquake in Yunnan Province claimed more than 600 lives. Our hearts are withthem and we wish their families all the best.

TheNew Year bell is about to ring. We will continue our efforts to act uponpeople’s expectations and turn their aspirations into reality. We will continueto deepen the reform in an all-round way. This is an unstoppable train. Onlythose who brave hardships would prevail.

Wewill push forward the rule of law in an all-round way, safeguard the rights ofpeople in line with law, maintain social justice and promote nationaldevelopment. For an eventual accomplishment of building a moderately prosperoussociety in an all-round way in due time, both deepening the reforms andstrengthening the rule of law should function as the two wings of a bird, or aswheels on both sides of a vehicle.

People’slives in our country are enjoying constant improvement, but we will alwaysremember those still living in hardships. We will work with passion to improvetheir well-being, with efforts focusing on poverty-alleviation and guaranteeingbasic living conditions. We will provide assistance to all those in need ofhelp, including poverty-stricken farmers and urban residents with difficulties,so that their basic living conditions are guaranteed and they feel the warmthof care being in this society.

Wewill continue to comprehensively push forward strict party discipline, neverhesitate in improving our work style. We will always resort to theanti-corruption drive as a sharp weapon, and consolidate mechanism-building asa cage to contain powers. In this socialist country led by the Communist Partyof China, every corrupt official must be dealt with once evidence is found.There’s absolutely no tolerance for corruption and graft.

We’reengaged in a lofty mission. Only perseverance will lead to victory, whilegiving up halfway will end up with failure to do whatever. Our blueprint ismagnificent, but our struggle will certainly be arduous. All party members andpeople of all ethnic groups in the country must be united as one, draw oncollective wisdom and useful ideas to grasp opportunities, jointly facechallenges with united strength, conquer problems with quick action, be bold tocarry on innovation, making China a better country year by year and constantlyimproving people’s lives.

Chinesepeople are not only concerned with the prospect of their own country, but alsothat of the whole world. We helped African people fight against the Ebolaepidemic, and assisted people in the Maldivian capital suffering from severewater shortages. Many of those moves showed that Chinese people share weal andwoe with people in the world.

Theworld is still not stable enough. We long for peace and sincerely wish thatglobal efforts will help relief all people from hunger, all families from war,and ensure that all children grow in peace and in sunshine.