What is Youth Chinese Test (YCT)?


  • The Youth Chinese Test is a standardized international Chinese proficiency test, aimed at testing overseas non-native primary and secondary school students’ capability in applying Chinese language in the daily life.



What is the YCT test used for?


  • YCT helps Chinese learners to understand and improve their ability to apply Chinese;
  • YCT helps schools to evaluate their teaching standards;
  • YCT offers a reference for related Chinese teaching institutions or training organizations to evaluate teaching standards and the effectiveness of different training;
  • YCT offers opportunity to apply for Hanban (Confucius Institute Headquarters) Summer Camp in China or scholarship program.



What will be tested in YCT?


In order to encourage non-native speaking Chinese learners to learn Chinese and improve their Chinese level, Hanban has applied the latest research methodology in foreign language testing to develop the YCT test. The test requires:


  • YCT (Level 1) – Examinees who pass YCT-Level 1 can understand and use some most frequently used Chinese words and sentences, and prepare themselves for continuing their Chinese studies. The exam includes a listening section and a reading section and is 30 minutes in length.


  • YCT (Level 2) – Examinees who pass YCT-Level 2 can understand and use some simple Chinese words and sentences to communicate. The exam includes a listening section and a reading section and is 45 minutes in length.


  • YCT (Level 3)– Examinees who pass YCT-Level 3 can use Chinese in a simple and direct way, applying it in a basic topic in their daily lives. The exam includes a listening section and a reading section and is 55 minutes in length.


  • YCT (Level 4)– Examinees who pass YCT-Level 4 can use Chinese to serve their demands in their personal lives and studies, and are able to complete most of the communicative tasks they experience during a visit to China. The exam includes a listening section, a reading section and a writing section and is 80 minutes in length.


The structure and the levels of YCT


  • The new YCT consists of a writing test and a speaking test, which are independent of each other.
  • Writing test
  • Speaking test


YCT (Level 4)
YCT (Intermediate Level) YCT (Level 3)
YCT (Beginner Level) YCT (Level 2)  YCT (Level 1)


The vocabulary of different levels


  • The different levels of the new YCT are similar to some of the levels in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF). Details are as follows:


New HSK YCT (Level 4): 600 characters
VocabularyGrammar  PronounsTime, age, price ,orderWeight and lengthAdverbs:更,多么,极,越来越,大概,还是,到处,马上,一定,必须,互相

Conjunctions: 或者, 不但…而且,虽然,无论,一边…一边,如果,只要,既…又,然后

Prepositions: 从,除了,被,离,对,为了,向,关于

Particles: 地,吧,呢,啊,了,过,着

Modal verbs:可能,应该,敢



Structures with ‘被’ ‘着’ ‘了’ 连动,兼语



New HSK YCT (Level 3): 300 characters
VocabularyGrammar  PronounsTime, age, price  and orderNumbers and measure wordsAdverbs:在,还,都,一起,就


Preposition: 把

Particles: 了,过,吧,得

Modal verbs;能

Repetition of verbs:

Exclamation: 太

Imperative: 别

Structures with ‘是…的’ ‘在…呢’ ‘了’ ‘过’ ‘要…了’




New HSK YCT (Level 2) : 150 characters
VocabularyGrammar  PronounsTime, age and priceAdverbs: 真,也Prepositions ;在,比

Conjunction: 和

Particles: 的, 吗,了,呢

Modal verbs: 会, 要,可以

Question words:怎么,怎么样,多少, 好吗

Exclamation: 真

Imperative: 请,不要

Structures with ‘比’



New HSK YCT (Level 1) : 80 characters
VocabularyGrammar  PronounsTime and ageNumbersAdverbs: 不,很

Conjunction: 和



Question words:吗,谁,哪, 哪儿,几,什么

Structures with ‘是’ ‘有’




Date of test and registration in 2015


Date of test Test Paper-test/e-test Application Deadline Results date
8 March
25 March
4 April Sat. Writing
3 May
4 May
20 May
30 May Sat. Writing + Speaking
30 June
26 July
12 August
22 August Sat. Writing
22 September
25 October
11 November
21 November Sat. Writing + Speaking
21 December