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  Archive News
  Chinese language and arts in school programmes.

Following the successful Chinese school day in St. Nicolas and St. Mary’s School, CEDP -- Chinese Centre runs another two "Chinese Days" at Cross-in-hand and the Forest School for boys. Over 1000 students in these three schools experienced the Chinese lion dance, language, music, films, KongFu, TaiChi, painting, paper cutting, trying costumes, games, workshops and wonderful Chinese food. Most of them have tried almost everything. They really enjoyed the language and cultural activities and some of them had showed their interest and have joined and will join Chinese lunch and after school clubs delivered by professional training at CEDP- Chinese Centre. More schools will be invited to include the "Chinese Day" programme into their school this September.

  Children Club and Arts Group activities
Chinese lion dance and traditional dance are always welcomed by people. Our Children Saturday club and members of CEDP arts group which joined the Hasting Festival (need correct name for it) and were the most popular programmes there. Children and young people worked extremely hard as a team and presented their achievement not only in this festival, but also in the Brighton Carnival on 22 July 2007 and Music Festival on 20th Oct 2007. Workshops in related areas will be run for Chinese and none-Chinese young people to develop new performances aimed at the Chinese New Year 2008 on the 17th Feb 2008 in the Dome. The workshops are funded, everyone is welcome.
  Chinese Language and culture training run in the Chinese Centre and schools
To meet the needs of Chinese language learning, there are over 6 different levels of Chinese courses run by professional teachers from CEDP Chinese Centre. Courses will be run in the Chinese Centre, local primary, secondary schools and colleges, and the University of Brighton. They include from short courses such as "Fun Chinese for Kids", to New Concept Chinese, Chinese GCSE, A-level leading to HSK ( Chinese government run Chinese profession exam recognized internationally) and Chinese diploma course have and will be run in Brighton and Hove. Which students have enjoyed very much. We are hoping to get over 1000 learners to be involved and support them to the degree level in the Sussex area.
  Life in the UK training programme

To support Chinese community members understanding of the systems in the UK, to educate them in becoming good British citizens, the "Life in the UK" training has been run by professional teacher Nancy -- CEDP co-ordinator since March 2007. So far, there are 6 people have passed the first three months training. The test is run by British official testing centre. We will carry on running this type of trainings and will be able to deliver related trainings for all levels in your needs.

  University Link Programme
Arranging by CEDP -Chinese Centre, sponsored by UK International Education Alliance Ltd. the Deputy president of Guang Xi University (P.R.China) Prof. WeiYi Huang visited the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton. Staff and students from Brighton and Sussex University have visited Guang Xi University in the past two years. This visit will empower not only those in the academic field, but also those in education with culture exchange links for both Universities. The first group of Guang Xi University students will arrive in Brighton for a three weeks experience of the city, starting from 23 July. They will enjoy their stay not only as English learners, but also as culture ambassadors for GuangXi University.
More activities
  Friday night activities, Saturday Clubs for Children, young people, women and elder people in Chinese language, culture, Royal eight movements, TaiChi and traditional dances have been run and will be carry on running in the CEDP Chinese Centre.
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