CEDP Art Group was founded in 2001 catering to the need of the Chinese community in Brighton and Hove to maintain their unique culture and tradition. Since its debut show in the 2001 Brighton Chinese New Year Gala, it has achieved trememdous success not only because it enriches the life of the Chinese minority, but also, it has brought the locals a taste of the authentic Chinese culture.

Over the years, the CEDP Art Group has contributed to various occasions of public celebration, rituals and ceremony. Performances presented by the Art Group include dancing, singing, instruments, martial art, live calligraphy and tea ceremony.

Martial art has been a great favourite of the locals given its nature of being quintessentially Chinese – a combination of self-decipline, self-cultivation and a poetic atitude towards life.

Dancing in the CEDP Art Group is a much broader topic than anything else as dance is a highly varied form of art. The main attraction provided is the Chinese folk dance featuring traditional colourful costumes and make-up, cheerful and festive facial expression and acrobatic movements, all going with special Chinese folk music.

It is a great visual entertainment when dancing is blended with some elements of martial art. The most popular and well-known ones are the dragon dance and lion dance. We have been striving for establishing an art form that is a fusion of folk dance, martial art and opera.

Over the past 14 years of the CEDP Art Group, as integration with the local community has progressed and as more and more Chinese students have come to study and live in Brighton and Hove, there has been a rich mixture of new ideas and forms of performance from mordern Chinese culture. In recent years, the Art Group has performed contemporary dance, hip-hop, jazz and charlston dance, with dancers not only being Chinese but often people from many other nations joining together to celebrate the meeting of diverse cultures.

In the new era, the CEDP Art Group is embracing and welcoming all talented people to contribute to a more dynamic performance society in Brighton and Hove.