Chinese Day 中国日

We deliver a series of Chinese culture related workshops and seminars in schools at different levels, which consist of Chinese Handcraft, Chinese Language Taster Class, Chinese Food Culture, Chinese Martial Arts, Chinese Fashion, Chinese Folk Dance, Chinese Music etc. We can tailor make the whole program to suit your students’ needs. We are capable of delivering Chinese Day to one year group or even the whole school.

Regarding cost, it really depends on what you would be interested to put into your package and how many classes you have. If it’s only for one class for the one course period, we need to cover the teacher and the driver as well as the transportation. The usual quote we give is £20 per child with a group around 50 children. We have delivered Chinese Day to over 300 schools so far and are capable of handling different request. Whatever your budget is we can work something out.

The funds we raised are used to covered the cost of running our annual Brighton and Hove Chinese New Year event, Saturday Mandarin Class and our Chinese library for the local community. Of course, we are a charity and do understand the demands other charitable organisations have too. So for schools that cannot afford the full cost to cover their Chinese Day, we do have options they can contribute as well.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have further query.

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