Phoebe Haines (Mezzo Soprano) : I Love You China 《我爱你中国》

Woodingdean Primary School

Chinese Traditional Dance: Xiang He Ge (相和歌)

Choir: Singing and Smiling 《歌声与微笑》

My Beautiful Hometown (家乡美)

Qiufeng Yin (秋风引)

Taichi Kung Fu Fan(太极扇) – CEDP Art Group

Pipa and Tea ceremony (琵琶,茶艺表演)

TaiHuMei (太湖美)

Beautiful Scenery (古秀色)

CEDP CNY Photos 2019

Lion Dance (CEDP Art Group)

Mr Tim Cobb – Deputy Lieutenant of East Sussex

Councillor Dee Simson – The Mayor of Brighton & Hove

Mr.Guo Chentao (Chinese Embassy Representative: Counsellor)

Professor Saul Becker (Deputy Vice-Chancellor of University of Sussex)

董玳均 (President of Chinese Students and Scholars Association of University of Sussex)

The Opening