Traditional dances and music fuses with modern in retelling of classic Chinese myth. Featuring award winning mezzosoprano Phoebe Hainess, new music by Sichuan composer Huan Li, dance by renowned British -Chinese choreographer Julia Cheng, performers from China & the UK, text & songs in Mandarin and English, accessible to all. 

Time: 8:20pm    7 August 2019, Wednesday 
                            Chinese Valentine’s day (Chinese Lunar Calendar 7 July) 

Venue: The Place, 17 Duke’s Road London, WC1H 9PY 

Tickets: £7.5 online in advance, £9.50 on door 


Supported by: The CEDP Chinese Centre (charity number: 
                           Building cultural links between China & the UK

                              A sister Sarah Production

The Bridge of Magpies

Cross Art, Cross Culture: opera, dance, theatre, China and the UK. 

Currently in development, we are planning a spectacular cross art production and educational outreach project to bridge cultures and art forms. This moving story of how a star weaving Goddess falls for a humble cow heard boy, inducing the rath of the God’s and how the magpies come to their aid is a classic Chinese folktale which touches universal themes and emotions. More below and through the links here on the project and how you can support us:

‘The Bridge of Magpies’ is a multidimensional project incorporating opera, dance, and storytelling. It aims to promote cross-cultural learning and discussion between the UK and China; to give a platform to skilled artists from both cultures; create a high quality performance which will reach wide youth audiences through educational outreach and participation, building cultural awareness and skills, for stage and life.

We originally premiered a sell-out version of this production at China Exchange in September 2017, which was curated by Freya Aitken-Turff.

The Bridge of Magpies is a traditional Chinese Myth which we are adapting for performance, combined with dance & songs in Mandarin and English. The piece will represent an example of Chinese culture, art and music and offers an opportunity to bridge cultures, British and Chinese.

Alongside public performances the piece will be taken into schools in collaboration with the CEDP (Chinese Education & Development Project) Chinese Centre as part of their China days. Children will watch the show then learn one of songs in Mandarin. Singing songs is a very accessible way for children to learn another language as the rhythm and melody make it fun and memorable. The day will also teach them about Chinese festivals, customs and way of life, promoting greater cross-cultural understanding, nurturing global citizens by expanding knowledge & understanding of a different culture and people.

They will also learn about opera and dance as performance mediums and develop confidence and transferable skills by staging their own mini performances inspired by the production. For those studying Performing Arts it will also develop skills in combining acting and singing for performance. The project will be culturally rich and represent high quality, accessible art for all.