Every work on this 9 days exhibition, with the individuals’ focus and research for almost a year. These works range from furniture, jewellery, ceramics, sculptural, conceptual and sustainability-focused projects (just to name a few key themes) – but this is in no way the end of the list!

The show is free entry every day in the Grand Parade campus. 

作品欣赏 Works appreciation


Shapes of Memory By Yiwen Zhan


Shapes of Memory By Yiwen Zhan

a1 screen shoot

Screenshot with mother, every moment worth to remenber

a2 陶器

Chinese traditional house roof structure design

a3 陶器

Pottery with special texture

a4 花盆墙

Various combinations flower pot on the wall

a5 花盆球

Creative flower pot

a6 画1


a8 画3

a9 plastic hunter

Design for hunt plastic

a10 声效

Sound effects maker


All the works are brilliant. The graduation exhibition holds every.