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Thank you for your kind support! Please make payment here:

CEDP Chinese Centre Ltd
Address: 10A Fleet Street   Brighton BN1 4ZE England
Name of the bank: Unity Trust Bank
Bank account Number: 20160357.
Sort Code: 608301
IBAN Number: GB93NWBK60023571418024.
This IBAN /swift code is for foreign payments

感谢您对CEDP 中国中心的支持! 捐款细节如下:

账户名:CEDP Chinese Centre Ltd
银行名: Unity Trust Bank
银行账号: 20160357
序号: Sort Code: 608301
国际转账编码: IBAN number:GB93NWBK60023571418024

感谢社会名流和爱心人士帮助, 让 CEDP 中国中心的教育,文化,节庆活动,教育热线,中国日及月度培训活动得以正常进行。 我们感激和记住这些热心的捐助个人和团队.

资助公司 Names个人中文名单English Individual
Brighton & Hove City Council钱珍Alex Wu
University of Sussex廖万祥Carol Theobald
University of Brighton田维茜Barbara Deacon
Confucius Institute for Business London at LSE任玲Phoebe Haines
HSBC Brighton秦东明Sara Jiang
Arts Council England汪爱娟Jack Hong
Sussex Community Foundation何鹏Meryem Kessler
Herritage Fund刘冬梅
Gatwick airport蒋媚
National Lottery曾忠宁
Sussex Interpreting Service尚业儒
Sussex Police郭慧
Britsh Airline 360张国诚
Confucius Institute Headquarter孙瑜
Study Group
Brighton and Hove Metropolitan College
运丰行 中国超市

So far, Dr. Hong Lu OBE has donated more than £19000 to CEDP. Thank you!