CEDP Chinese Centre CEDP 中国中心

Building the cultural platform between China and Britain

Key areas: Education, Culture and International Exchange

The CEDP Chinese Centre was established in 1997 and registered in 2002. It became a registered charity in the UK in April 2008. We promote international cultural exchange between China and the UK. Our activities have been supported by Brighton and Hove city council, Arts council England, NHS, Awards for All, Sussex Community foundation, Heritate funds, University of Sussex, University of Brighton, Confucius Institute for Business London at LSE, Gatwick airport, Hainan Airline, Brighton Chamber of Commerce and contributions and donations are from the private sector.

We work principally in the fields of Arts and Culture, Chinese Language Education, and the International Exchange. Our key activities are coordinated through our offices in Brighton, London and Cambridge  as well as through our partner offices, language centres and cultural centres in over 20 provinces in China.

The CEDP Chinese Centre coordinates some of the key culture events, language and arts programs within the UK. We also offer grant support /scholarships to small projects under our Local Project Support Programme, which is designed to help with the costs of UK-based projects that may not be eligible for funding under our annual programmes. In addition to these central activities, we organise lectures, workshops, seminars, courses, exhibitions, performances and China/UK Business Forum.

Key activities and services:

CEDP is a registered charity dedicated to the promotion of Chinese Culture in the United Kingdom. Using Chinese Culture as our starting point, we offer a range of services and programmes to enhance the lives of community members. We offer classes in Chinese Language and Culture, as well as hosting a number of cultural activities and services to Chinese residents in the United Kingdom. Our educational programmes form the backbone of our work, and we are delighted to host a range of Chinese days in schools in the southeast of Engalnd, with activities such as the Lion/dragon Dance as well as musical and dance/ martial arts performances and cultural workshops. There is an educational hotline for needs from all levels.

CEDP Chinese centre has run Chinese New Year Gala since 2000. In 2020, the CEDP Chinese Centre is working hard to bring a spectacular cultural show, which also has a serious fundraising initiative as its core principle. All funds raised has been be used to provide 10 Chinese Days for under-served school students, to run a 30-week Chinese Saturday School, to organuse 3 Chinese Culture Events, and to provide 3 FREE local Teacher Training opportunities. In 2020 we had an additional focus group Chinese Business Panel Discussions during the event day.

The CEDP has been creating cultural, educational, professional, and social activities in the community since its inception in 2000. This active investment in the community is fundamental to the CEDP’s work, promoting Chinese culture to create life-enhancing experiences and opportunities for Brighton residents of all backgrounds.