中秋节,又被称为月亮节,是一个让家人团聚、感恩丰收、赏月的时刻。这个传统已经延续了数个世纪,代表了家庭和团结的重要价值观。布赖顿中国中心(CEDP Chinese Center)一如既往地举办了这场欢度中秋的线下配合线上活动,让我们聚集在一起,像个大家庭一样,共同度过这个特别的时刻。本次活动吸引了众多当地居民和中国社区的参与,使这个庆祝活动更加特别。

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is a time for families to reunite in China, give thanks for the harvest, and admire the moon. This centuries-old tradition symbolizes the important values of family and unity. The Brighton Chinese Center (CEDP Chinese Center) once again hosted this event, organizing Mid-Autumn festivities that brought us together like one big family to celebrate this special occasion. The event attracted the participation of numerous local residents and members of the Chinese community, making this celebration even more meaningful.


Cross-Cultural Feast: Brighton’s Friendly Presence

值得一提的是,我们有幸邀请到了布赖顿市的前任市长女士、同时也是CEDP中国中心的董事会成员之一的Carol Theobald参加庆典。在活动现场,她也热情地参与了互动。

We were honored to invite Mrs. Carol Theobald, a former Mayor of Brighton and board member of the CEDP Chinese Center, to join our celebration. She actively participated in the festivities and interacted with everyone.


The Stories Behind History: Bridges of Cultural Exchange


First and foremost, our host, Cici, kicked off the festivities with an engaging “True or False Game” about the Mid-Autumn Festival, helping local residents learn intriguing facts about this holiday. Next, master’s student Yongqi Zhou from Queen Mary University of London shared stories about the history and traditions of the Mid-Autumn Festival, exploring how Chinese culture deeply influences our lives.


Traditional Chinese Medicine for Health: Bridging Chinese and English Cultures


Dr. Ren Ling, a trustee board member and senior training manager at the CEDP Chinese Center, introduced the role of the Hegu acupoint in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for health. Dr. Ren specializes in applying TCM’s Four Diagnostic Methods and pattern differentiation in diagnosis and treatment, offering personalized diagnoses and daily health care methods. Dr. Ren emphasized that pressing the Hegu acupoint is easy to do, has remarkable therapeutic effects, and can be done at any time or season. Regardless of the situation, anyone can press this acupoint and experience the astonishing results. The audience at the event followed Dr. Ren’s demonstration and began pressing the Hegu acupoint.


Acupuncture and moxibustion expert Dr. Li Lixin also shared knowledge about traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for health with the audience, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a positive mindset for a healthy life. Dr. Li invited several audience members on stage to experience the wonders of TCM firsthand, providing valuable insights into health and balance. We are grateful to Dr. Li for sharing his expertise and helping us learn how to improve our overall well-being.


The Sound of Music: Crossing Language Barriers through Communication


Daisy, a talented pianist, treated us to a beautiful rendition of “The Moon Represents My Heart.” She has been playing the piano since she was five, and she aimed to bring joy to everyone and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with this piece. Music transcends language barriers, and Daisy’s performance added a delightful touch to the event.


Poetry and Performance: Overflowing with Talent



Two young talents, Siyuan and Siquan, recited the beautiful poem “Thoughts in the Silent Night” (静夜思), showcasing their love for the Chinese language and the Mid-Autumn Festival. Next, Ms. Xiaoyan introduced the benefits of yoga to the audience, sharing how it can help achieve physical and mental balance and overall health.


The Beauty of Martial Arts: Traditional Skills


Teacher Qin Dongming and his students showcased the grace and elegance of traditional Chinese martial arts at the celebration, providing a visual feast with a splendid Tai Chi fan performance.


Children’s Dragon and Lion Dance Performance: A Colorful Spectacle


A group of adorable children also delivered a spectacular dragon and lion dance performance at the event. Dressed in vibrant dragon and lion costumes, they displayed remarkable skills and teamwork on stage, adding a unique visual spectacle to the celebration.


The Poetic Voice: Distant Sentiments


Although Mr. Mervyn could not attend in person, he shared two original poems in a video message, extending his greetings in Chinese and offering his Mid-Autumn Festival wishes, including a rendition of Mr. Xu Youzhen’s “Autumn Moon.” This added a warm emotional touch to the special occasion.


Little Rock Stars Concert


When the children in traditional Chinese attire took to the stage for a rock performance, the

audience applauded wildly, their passion and music infusing the air with boundless energy. It was an exhilarating moment, with the three young musicians delivering a fantastic English songs. The hall was filled with the cheers and applause of parents and friends, as if time stood still, suspended by these exuberant musical spirits.


The Performance by Qin Bingfen and Professor Liu: A Fusion of Music and Poetry


Ms. Qin Bingfen then presented two touching songs at the celebration, “故乡是北京” (Hometown Is Beijing) and “望月” (Looking at the Moon). Her singing enchanted the live audience, adding the charm of music to the celebration.

刘教授则朗诵了毛泽东的经典诗歌《沁园春 雪》,随后演唱了歌曲《故乡的云》和《敢问路在何方》(西游记主题歌)。他的表演引起了观众们的热烈掌声,将诗意与音乐完美融合在一起。

Professor Liu recited Mao Zedong’s classic poem “Snow at the Qin Garden” (沁园春 雪) and then sang “Clouds of Hometown” (故乡的云) and “Where Is the Road” (敢问路在何方) from the theme song of Journey to the West. His performance, which seamlessly blended poetry and music, received enthusiastic applause from the audience.


Cultural Exchange and Interaction: The Highlight of the Celebration


Following the spectacular performances, host Cici invited all guests to participate in interactive activities, including mooncake making, calligraphy, and art workshops, allowing everyone to delve deeper into the traditional culture of the Mid-Autumn Festival. This event provided an opportunity for cross-cultural exchange, celebrating the diversity within the global community as we come together in unity.


This Mid-Autumn Celebration brought people together for a day of cultural richness, joy, and unity. Let us all savor the unforgettable memories of this celebration and look forward to the next time we gather at the CEDP Chinese Center!

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